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Sinoski & Associates, PLLC is a Houston based, full-service, law firm that focuses on the areas of Family Law and Business Law.

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For the past nine years, I have been embroiled in a high-conflict divorce and custody battle. I had all but given up hope that I would find any justice or peace, but then I found Ms. Sinoski. She and her team of associates were brilliant, engaged, confident and compassionate. After almost a decade of dealing with cold attorneys who generated huge bills with little result, I almost cried with relief at my initial consultation to hear how Ms. Sinoski truly cared about me and my children. She and her team are highly effective, unbelievably kind and extraordinarily brilliant. I’m no longer anxious or worried because I know I have an advocate who will fight zealously for me. That peace (something I never thought I would have again) is priceless.


When I began to notice the deterioration of my children's living conditions, I immediately contacted Syria Sinoski in order to gain full custody of my 4 children. Syria was detailed, efficient & went above & beyond my expectations! She never treated us like ``another case``, but genuinely cared & handled my situation as she would've her own family. It's not often that a father gains full custody of their children, which proves Syria's competency & expertise! Thanks to Syria's commitment, my children are now safe & happy, which is absolutely priceless in my book.

Father of Four
Father of Four

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